Xfinity Login Setup

Xfinity was introduced in 2010, from its parent company named Comcast. This company offers both cables and fiber plans. In addition, to being an Internet Service Provider (ISP), it offers Xfinity tv, Xfinity voice phone service, Xfinity mobile wireless service, and Xfinity home security services, etc. Equipment-wise, you will need an Xfinity gateway or third-party Modem/Router that is approved for the Xfinity service. This device transmits a wireless signal and connects devices to each other, and the internet through the modem.

The area in which a wireless-capable device can pick-up the wireless signal and connect to the wireless networks. The online site used to view and change the settings of a router and wireless network is called the admin tool for the Wireless Gateway1 and Wireless Gateway2. The login information is used to access the administration site.

Connect Xfinity Router To PC

Step 1: Firstly, you need to power on the Modem and Connect your ethernet cable, one end to the back of the Xfinity modem.

[Note: Make sure that four lights are ON on the modem, which includes (Power, US/DS, Online, Wi-fi) all four has to be steady.]

[Note: As the device functions as both, the modem and a router. So, you need only one device to set up your wireless home network.]

Step 2: Open your browser, enter the default IP address ( – Learn More About ), which redirects to the login page. Enter your default Username: admin Password: password then you need to log in.

Step 3: After logging into the site, it opens start page for the gateway.

Step 4: Click on connections at the left side of your page, and then you get a few options to select. Click on wi-fi. Edit your wi-fi settings by clicking on edit.

Gateway -> Connections -> Wi-Fi -> Edit.

Step 5: You need to change your network name to whatever you like. You can also change the network password.

Step 6: Once you complete your editing, click on save settings.

Xfinity Router Login and Setup

Step 1: ( is a class, an address with default subnet mask ( used for setting up private networks.

Step 2: ( is often called Default Gateway Address, as it is used to login to Xfinity router admin settings.

Step 3: Open any web browser and visit Press enter and you will see the admin login page.

Step 4: Enter the default username and password given on your router.

  • Router login:
  • Login Name (case sensitive): admin
  • Login Password (case sensitive): password
  • SSID (Network Name): Printed on bottom of device label.
  • Network Key: Printed on bottom of device label.

[Note: Customers can use the secure default SSID and Network key without having to access the user interface.]

Step 5: Go to the router settings and functions that give you access to control and make changes.

Step 6: Head to the Network tab and you can set up the network with many different methods, such as Dial-up connections (or) DSL method.

Step 7: Enter the default username and password to change and set up the DNS.

Step 8: If your router has the feature to select the type of wireless function, then select WPA (or) WPEAS. It ensures your router is safe.

FAQS and Common Issues:

  • refused to connect:

If you are not able to connect to the, then it could be because there exists no device, which uses as it is default gateway.

  • took too long to respond:

There are often problems with the router itself, due to prolonged usage and frequent power failures.

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