Tenda Router Login Setup – Tenda Default Usernames & Passwords

It is very important to know all the information about the configuration of your Tenda router. So today in this blog, we will tell you how to login to the Tenda router.

As we know, we got the manual of Tenda router at the time of purchase in which you will get all the information for setup. But we don’t want to read the whole instructions, that’s why we are providing you the step by step guide for configuration of Tenda router.

What is a Tenda router?

Tenda router is a wireless device that helps to connect the internet on smartphones, PCs, and Laptops. Today everyone is going for Wi-Fi for a better connection. If you also want to use Wi-Fi services then you can also go with Tenda Wi-Fi. Only the thing is that you have to learn something for configuration, password change, and settings of the router.

A Tenda router will provide you high-speed internet without any network issues. You can use it at your home at any corner of the house.

How To Configure The Tenda Router?

You have to follow these steps to login to your Tenda router.

# Connect the Router

If you are connected with the router then it is ok, otherwise you have to connect the router with the Ethernet cable to its network. Only after performing this action, you can proceed for further steps.

# Add the IP address

After connecting the router, now you have to open the Internet Browser and type the default IP address at the address bar. But if you are unknown about the IP address then you can see the IP address at the bottom of your Tenda router or you can also search on google for different Tenda IP addresses list. You will get that information.

# Enter username and passwords

After entering the IP address, now you will be redirected to the login page. Enter your username and password to proceed and then tap on login ( Use the word “Admin” in the user and password fields ).

So this is the process to configure your Tenda router. If you are facing any issues, then you can call the customer care number for queries.

How To Reset Tenda Router Settings?

This is a very common question asked by users on Google. If we are facing any troubleshoot then we have to reset the settings to enjoy unbreakable service. So here are some steps which you have to follow to reset Tenda router settings.

Step 1: First of all, you have to check whether your router is connected or not.

Step 2: Now login to your router by filling the IP address.( )

Step 3: After login, now you have to click on Administration and then tap on Device management.

Step 4: Now click on Factory default and then tap on reset.

Step 5: It will ask for a final confirmation, you have to click on Ok.

Step 6: The router will take some time to erase all the settings and then it will come back to default settings.

Step 7: Now restart the router after erasing all the previous settings. The router is now ready to configure again with your details.

So these are the steps to reset the settings of your Tenda router. First, try not to face this kind of issue, but if it arises then you have to follow these steps.

How To Change The Tenda Wi-Fi Password?

You have to add a secured password so that no one can access your Wi-Fi but still, if you want to change the password, then you have to follow some basic steps.

Step 1: First of all, enter the IP address on the address bar.

Step 2: Then add the username and password for login.

Step 3: Now you have to click on the advanced option to change the settings.

Step 4: And now click on the System tools, then click on the password Settings.

Step 5: Now first, you have to add the current password, then add the new password, and confirm it.

Step 6: Now tap on ok, it will ask for confirmation, then tap Ok again. Your router password is changed successfully.

So this is the way to change your router password.

How To Lock The Dashboard From Unknown Users?

It is very necessary to lock your dashboard from unknown users otherwise, you have to bear low-speed internet. You have to follow these steps to lock your router dashboard.

  1. First, log in to the dashboard and then click on the menu bar and click on the Wireless option.
  2. Now you have to tap on the System tools to change your password.
  3. Now you are at the page where your default username and password are mentioned.
  4. Now you have to click on change and now change the default username.
  5. After adding a new username, now click on the change password.
  6. Now you have to fill your old password and new password and then click on confirm to change the password.
  7. Now your password is changed successfully and your dashboard is fully secured.

So these are the steps you should follow to lock your Tenda dashboard from unknown users. We will strictly recommend you to change your default username and password for more privacy.

If you forget the login details at any time, then you have to factory reset your router and have to configure it again to enjoy the service. So we will recommend you to save your username and password in your phone so that you can get unstoppable service.

Final Conclusion

So we have provided all the necessary and relevant information about how to login to the Tenda router and all the security measures you should take to prevent irrelevant issues.

It is not a tough task to configure Tenda router, but still, if you have any issues related to Tenda router, then please comment below and we will be with you in some time and solve your issues.

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