Free McDonald’s Wifi login SetUp Guide

Have you ever heard about McDonald’s? Well, I know your answer. I must be Yes because McDonald is one of the largest food selling companies in the whole world. People love their products and want to visit their shops again and again. I am sure that you also eat a McDonald’s burger at Mcdonald’s once. To increase their sales every company takes some trade reforms so that they can increase their sales. McDonald also to reform and establish a Mcdonald’s free wifi login setup in their shops. Now, you can enjoy your Mcdonald’s meals with a connection to the free internet.

 McDonald established Mcdonald’s free Wi-fi services for its customers. In this article, we’re going to discuss Mcdonald’s free wi-fi. If you have any queries about this service then you’re at the right place. So, let’s start.

What Is Mcdonald’s Free Wi-Fi?

It is a free wi-fi service established by Mcdonald’s in their restaurants and Cafes. This is done to increase sales and provide internet facilities to customers. McDonald’s is prepared in most of the country in the world. People love to organize parties and meetings at Mcdonald’s restaurants. To increase customer satisfaction McDonald established free Wi-fi services in their restaurants and showrooms.

How do I connect to McDonald’s wi-fi?

To connect with Mcdonald wi-fi you don’t have to do anything. It doesn’t ask for any credentials to allow you to use the Wi-fi. Of course, sitting in Mcdonald’s cafe then you can stream a movie while having your Mac meal. You just have to open your Wi-fi and it will connect automatically after opening the option of Wi-fi.

How Fast Is McDonald’s wi-fi?

Well, the speed of McDonald’s wi-fi is not very fast but you can easily stream a movie while having your meal. McDonald’s free wifi comes with a downloading speed of 58 Mbps and uploading speed of 14 Mbps. It’s a good internet speed according to the needs of the customer.

How do I connect to McDonald’s wifi on Android?

Follow these steps to understand How do I connect to Macdonald wifi on Android?

  • Unlock your phone and go to the menu bar. Now, find the icon of settings that looks like an icon of nut-bolt and click on it.
  • Once your settings menu opens then click on the option of Wi-fi which you’ll get under the option if Network settings.
  • Once you click on the option of wi-fi then it will take you to a page where you can see all the available networks to connect on your wi-fi.
  • Click on the connection of Mac Wifi which appears on the connection list.
  • Now, come back to your home page and click on the browsers. You’ll automatically get connected to the McDonald’s router. Your browser will automatically land you on the page of McDonald’s free wifi. Click on the red bottom which appears on your screen and connect yours to their wifi services.

After completing this short process you can easily connect your android device with McDonald’s wifi.

Now let’s discuss some FAQs which were asked by the users of Mcdonalds. I hope that these FAQs clear your doubts regarding Mcdonald’s free wifi.

Mcdonald’s free wifi FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Q. Does McDonald’s have free Wi-fi?

Ans. Yes, MacDonald introduced this policy in 2010, and since 2010 McDonald’s established their free wifi service in more than 11,500 restaurants and cafes. It’s a big figure but they don’t establish the wi-fi in all their 14,000 outlets.

Q. Is Mcdonald’s wifi free in the UK?

Ans. Of course, this service of McDonald’s is absolutely free in all the outlets of McDonald’s. So, no matter whether you’re lined in the UK or lived in the USA, you can enjoy a free wi-fi facility in Mcdonald’s outlets.

Q. How fast is McDonald’s WIFI?

Ans. Well, the internet speed of McDonald’s WIFI is not very high but we can say that it’s a sufficient speed to stream a movie or any other online content.  According to para 5, the downloading speed of Mcdonalds is 58 Mbps and uploading speed is 14 Mbps.

You can check the 5th para for more information.

Q. Why is Mcdonalds WIFI slow?

Ans. Let me tell you one thing that the speed of Mcdonalds WIFI is not slow. I am not taking the responsibility of any technical issue but Mcdonald’s wifi provides an average speed which is discussed in para 5. If you can easily stream a movie with wifi then I don’t think that the speed of wifi is slow.

Q. How do I connect to free WiFi?

Ans. To connect with the free wifi you just have to open your wi-fi portal from settings and find the router connection of Macdonald’s wifi in it. Once you find the router connection then click on it and go to your browser for final confirmation. Allow it and enjoy free wi-fi services in Mac cafes.

Q. How do I connect to McDonald’s free WiFi?

Ans. Read the previous question where I discussed how you can connect to free wi-fi. Follow these steps as explained and enjoy the free wi-fi services as much as you want.

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