Internet Speed Test: Best 2 Websites to Test Your Internet Speed

Earlier, four basic things were required for a human to live that is food to feed, water to drink, clothes to wear and finally a home to stay but now in the modern era of 21st century, one more thing is added in this chain to satisfy human basic needs that are a smartphone (mobile) with the fastest internet connection

Nowadays a mobile with the fastest internet is just a basic need for a human being.

If a person does not have mobile and internet in the 21st century, he considers himself incomplete and feels that he has been totally cut off from the world.

So, do you have an internet connection on your mobile phone? Well, is this also a matter of asking, of course, you have an internet connection. But, the question arises how fast is your internet? Because a fast internet connection will ensure that you are comfortably able to do online tasks like streaming videos, surfing, and performing any necessary task on your mobile. So, in this article, I will let you know about every aspect of the Internet. How can we decide our internet is Fast or Slow?, How to measure true Internet speed? So, let’s get started.

How to Decide the Internet is Fast or Slow?

There are different aspects to decide, internet speed is fast or slow. First is internet speed should be equivalent or above to 24-30 Mbps (MegaBits Per Second) because the speed of internet of 24-30 Mbps is majorly supported all the internet tasks included Live HD video streaming, surfing the internet, browsing heavy websites, online gaming, downloading any file (Music video, etc). Secondly or lastly as your internet speed satisfies you.

 How to measure or test true internet Speed?

Internet speed can be measured by two different internet speeds. One is how much data your internet connection is able to download (Downloading Speed) per second and another how much data your internet connection is able to upload (Uploading Speed) per second.

Most of the people use the internet for domestic household purposes like browsing social media websites and apps, downloading music videos, streaming live TV and videos online, etc. 

Uploading speed is what is mostly used by working professionals, companies, etc, like for Video conferencing, streaming live videos, uploading large files to the server or cloud.

Now, let’s understand it in detail. Usually, both types of internet speed (Downloading and Uploading) are shown as megabits per second (Mbps). Because an internet connection transfers several thousand bits every second to the device, You must have noticed that when you are using the Internet, there is an internet speed shows in the top and notification bar of your mobile, which is written in this way like 480Kb/s, 3MB/s or 1GB/s it shows how much your device is using your internet data. 

To measure or in order to compare your internet speed from your internet data package that you bought from your ISP, you have to run a test on websites that measures the internet speed of your internet connection. 

Things you should take care of before measuring or testing your internet speed. 

  • Should not be connected to any device: You have to make sure that your internet is not connected to any other device at that time when you are going to test your internet speed. And should not be under a heavy load of data transfer. Because data transfer will get doubled while two devices are using the internet.
  • Should not be on heavy load: Ensure that your Internet is not heavily loaded, like if you are using the Internet while doing speed tests such as downloading, video streaming or any online task, then you will not be able to test the correct speed of the Internet because the Internet is more engaged at that time.
  • Do a few tests to get true results: Test at least 2-5 times to get more accurate test results. Because it does not get that much time to test multiple times. 
  • Test 2-4 times in a day: If you tested your internet connection early in the morning it might show you the good speed of your internet connection, but to get a more accurate test result that your ISP is promising you to test at least 2-4 times in a day.

What should we look in the testing website before testing internet speed?

Save time: No need to waste your time reading internet speed testing websites content on introducing how to test your internet speed. 

Accuracy: If a testing website is taking time to load or pushing ads to show you it means it will not give you accurate or true results. Their aim is to earn money from you just by showing you multiple Ads. 

Website’s Nature: If a testing website is looking like spam or feels like an automated bot or codes script is giving false scripted 2-4 results every time when you check your internet speed.

Undecorated Website UI: A complex website UI (User Interface) with many Ads (Video Ads) or any code tools which are running in the background can affect your test results. You should consider a simple website that has limited ads or no heavy UI for testing internet speed. 

Vast Server: If a testing website has their server in only one country or region then results of testing the internet speed is not that accurate even if it can’t give you nearby results. In order to get the finest results, you have to select your country’s server on the website. 

Not Biased to an Individual: Just make sure that the testing website is not giving biased results of testing internet speed. Many ISP providers compromise with these testing websites for showing you satisfying results of their network. 

The Best 2 Websites to Test Internet Speed

1. Speed Test by Google

internet speed test by google

In the first place, I do not place anyone else but Google itself, because in front of Google we hardly believe anyone else, there are many reasons to believe Google Speed Test. For the Internet speed test, Google made a partnership with a company called Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to run this speed test. They have their servers in almost every country or region. 

Running a speed test could transfer over 40-50 MB (MegaByte) of data, it totally depends on your internet connection speed.

To test your Internet Speed with Google Speed Test follow these simple steps:

You can measure your internet download (Downloading Speed) and upload (Uploading Speed): 

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “internet speed test
  3. Now just tap or click “Run Speed Test”

2. SpeedTest.Net 

On the second place, I would prefer (by Ookla) itself Ookla’s speed test dot net is one of the finest, oldest and trusted websites for testing Internet speed before Google’s Speed test this website is used to be on 1st place for tests. 

This website has its vast servers in almost every country, regions that grant you to test your internet speed even more accurately compared to any website. 

Everyone recommends this website to test internet speed. Because it has a light and simple UI and UX that influence people to use this website for tests. 

On the other hand, I will not recommend this website to those who have a bad internet connection. Because it has now 5 banner ads that might affect the testing results a bit.

What can be the reason for slow Internet speed?

slow internet

After you test multiple times, still you are not satisfied with your internet speed? So, there can be many reasons behind the slow internet speed. Let’s understand it one by one.

  • Heavy load on network because of the massive use of internet
  • The service is getting slow due to weather or network maintenance work in your area
  • Your router is not working properly due to overheating or cable is getting malfunctioning
  • Your IP has been blocked by your ISP for a reason
  •  Your ISP is choking your internet connection
  • Your device is got attacked by any virus or malware 

Final Conclusion 

You should ensure that you’re getting what you have been paid for when it comes to your Internet connection that you bought from your ISP. I hope you read the above article that might help give more useful information to you that now you know all the aspects of measuring internet speed of your internet connection.  

You will need to update your information because we will update or can add more trusted websites in this article from time to time for you to get updated with the information that we shared above.

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