– Login Admin Guide

IP is commonly known as Internet Protocol. is the standard Internet Protocol Address (IP address) used by various Modems and Routers. It is the default Internet Protocol Address where you can use your modem or wireless Router to modify settings, change the wifi name or PIN. Occasionally, your modem or Router can use a various IP address like or or, depending on the product. Using this unique IP address via the system assists you to interchange the data between your Router or device and the rest of the world.

As you know that, a particular set of IP addresses is connected to all private systems like local area network, home, extensive area network within the firm. Many companies, offices, and firm set their default IP address to so that they can support a consistent computing atmosphere and also create the first time applicants easy to arrange their networks effortlessly and rapidly. Linksys initially used this IP address. It has been in use in different other routers or devices that are used for home networking, and it was formed by Westell, Netgear, and few others.

You can attach the devices to a router according to the 192.168.0.x setting. You can select a final digit between two and two hundred fifty. Now each Router has its default IP address, which is provided on that Router along with its default username & password. If you are searching to create changes to the configuration of the Router or modify the password of your wifi network, then this can be done by logging in into the Router’s configuration via The Default Router Username and Password list of are as follows.

Default Router Passwords

  • Linksys – Admin/admin
  • Thom son – user/user
  • BenQ – admin/admin
  • D-link – admin/admin
  • Digicom – user/password
  • Belkin – admin/admin
  • Tenda – admin/admin
  • Vodafone – root/123456

How to Login IP Address – 6 Simple Steps

You need to open the preferred browsers such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, and others. Though you can run any devices in wifi or Ethernet cable network, it is forever suggested to use a Personal Computer or laptop. Ensure that you’re attached to the Router’s system, and the default IP address is (It can be dissimilar occasionally, you can check out the sticker on the Router to find out). This IP Address will use to login to the Router. Let’s check out here:

Step 1: First of all, you have to open your preferred web browser on your Personal Computer or Laptop.

Step 2: You need to type the or type in the address bar.

Step 3: A login window or page will be shown on your Personal Computer or Laptop.

Step 4: Mention the login username and PIN offered by the router firm, or you can search it on the sticker on the Router.

Step 5: Check login details at once, and you will see the Router’s settings page and make the preferred modifications from there.

Step 6: Now check the left-hand sideboard for other settings.

D-Link Router Login Process

  • The first and essential point, you need to attach the D-Link Router to the Computer with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Now switch on the system.
  • Open the browser and mention the IP address right in the address bar. Then press on the “OK” tab.
  • The Login page is here. Mention the details such as username and password and press on the “Login” button.

TP-Link Router Login Process

  • The initial step, join both routers as well as the system using the RJ45 cable.
  • Now, open the preferred web browsers, and you need to enter the IP address right in the search or address bar.
  • Type the username and password and press on the login button.

Cisco Router Login Process

  • The first and foremost point is to attach the Cisco router with the help of using RJ45 cable.
  • You need to switch off the system as well as the Router.
  • Open your preferred web browser on your Computer or Laptop, and then you need to enter the default gateway HTTP // address, press on the “Enter” tab.
  • Username and Password should be given on the login page and press on the “Login” button.

Netgear Router Login Process

Introduce your default web browser and press the URL or, and as a substitute, you can also use the http://routerlogin.net or http://routerlogin.com

  • Now, the Router’s login page will be shown on your laptop screen.
  • Here, you have to fill your default login IDs.
  • For the new user, you need to type the “admin” as the default username and “password” as the password.
  • If you had previously set your login credentials, you could custom them to log in.
  • After entering the login credentials, press on the “OK” button.
  • After entering the Netgear’s admin control panel, you can use your DNS IP address.

What Are its Uses and Why is it Important?

Many routers such as D-Link, Linksys, and some other network bands have been used in IP addresses. Network supervisors use this IP address to update existing configurations or arrange a new router. The first IP address contains a series of numbers and full stops, such as It assists the device to search and determine by other systems. An IP address forms a bond between two new technology systems. An IP address is not exceptional, and many systems may have a similar address. A router is a device that converts IP packs from one IP address to another.

It behaves as a carrier and traffic supervisor. Most of the industrial firms use IP address as the default entry. It includes features such as multiple systems that can have this similar IP address, but every system should be unique in its local zone. No additional DHCP services are needed. Since many networks can have the same IP address, the transmission of information becomes more straightforward and easy. Some aspects comprise WLAN, LAN, and WAN settings. The is perhaps among the most standard addresses for use as a private address of a home router.

By using the number, you can easily configure your router. For many advanced home routers, you can generally mention it into your browser. Indeed, when you purchase a router, you have to make some arrangements for it, and you can do it easily with Also, you must visit this default homepage to modify the password to protect your network. The default username and the password on the homepage of the website are too easy to search and reminisce as they are set to maximum convenience. Also, in the homepage, you can arrange various choices to your network, for example, LAN or WLAN settings, WPS, DNS, Proxy, MAC, DHCP, DSL, and PPPOE. IP Address And How To Use It?

Not every router needs to use the same Internet Protocol in all of the routers. If your device uses the IP address, then you have to custom this IP for all of the reasons. You have to use the default username and password with the Internet Protocol or IP address. You must USE device as a browser where you will use the default IP address on the web address bar and then hit the enter tab. You can press on the “GO” tab from the browser. If everything is fine, then you will acquire an option or method where you have to use a username and password.

The IP address like http// is used in the device of the router by the producer, and this IP address can be modified when it is essential. You need to change the default IP address for the IP confliction issue, and else, you do not need to modify it. The router interprets private address to a public IP address while interacting with an external network and changes the public address to individual when communicating back with the router within its system. This procedure is called Network Address Translation (NAT).

Other than the personal IP address for itself & its devices, a public address for a system/router also presents. All the routers on a provided network share a typical public address that is observable to the external network. The IP address always has a series of 4 numbers ranging between 0 and 255. The address consists of two parts; ‘Network Id,’ which is the primary three, figures in the IP address, and the system id, which is the fourth number. So, for instance, in, the network id is 192.168.1, and the system id is the last number 20.

If many devices are attached to your home network, the first three digits in all of them will be familiar, indicating their presence on the same system. Simultaneously, the fourth number will be dissimilar, representing their specific identity.

What Routers Use IP Address?

Here is the latest list of all Linksys routers that custom the as the default IP address: Have a Glance!

  • BEFDSR41W, CG7500
  • BEFN2PS4, E1000
  • BEFSR11, E1200
  • BEFSR41, E1500
  • BEFSR41W, E1550
  • BEFSR81, E1700
  • BEFSRU31, E2000
  • BEFSX41, E2100L
  • BEFVP41, E2500
  • BEFW11P1, E3000
  • BEFW11S4, E3200
  • WRT54G-RG
  • WRT54G-TM
  • WRT54G3G-AT
  • WRT54G3G-AU
  • WRT54G3G-EU
  • WRT54G3G-ST
  • WRT54G3G-UK
  • WRT54G3G-VN
  • WRT54G3GV2-ST
  • WAG160N
  • WAG120N
  • WRT350N
  • WRT330N
  • WRT51AB, WRT54AG
  • WRT54G, WRT54GX4, and others.